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Website Tip

I’m going to start a new “web tips” and will use “category” Website Tips.  This way you could view them all at once.

Today’s website tip is:  If you have something you want to share with colleagues, or perhaps you want a special invitation to a class but don’t want it public on your website, or perhaps you want to write your Christmas family letter on your website, you can!

How:  Create a new website page, calling it whatever you want.  “Behind the scenes” in the code you’ll want to add:


If you do not link that page anywhere from your website (say, having a link from your homepage), then it SHOULD stay invisible to search engines so nobody can find it.  However, the code above ensures that if Google or others do find it, they won’t add it to their library directories.

The other cool thing about this is you can see exactly who looked at the page by looking at your web traffic.  Since it’s a hidden page, you have to TELL PEOPLE it exists so you’ll see how many visitors went to that page.

So let’s give an example:  www.DrBigShotTherapist.com is our website name.  We want to send text with a BIG FILE to a bunch of colleagues and don’t want to kill their inbox with a large attatchment.

Step one: create a new page, say, www.DrBigShotTherapist.com/newbookdraft.html  This new page is “newbookdraft.html” and on there you put the PDF of your latest book chapter (or entire book, or whatever!)

Behind the scenes you or your webmaster add that no index no follow Robot call.

And then you send an email to your colleauges saying to go to that exact page.

Then a few days later you review your web traffic to see how many people went to that page!  IF you emailed 20 colleagues and have 10 visitors, congrats!  10 people have likely gone to the link.  You may want to tell people to book mark that link so if they delete your email they still know where the file is.


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