"Helping people who help people"

A colleague I’m going to meet at the annual Smart Marriages conference, with whom I chat on twitter.com and Facebook, called me an “SEO ninja’ which cracks me up.  SEO stands for search engine optimization, which stands for “showing up high in Google searches.”  And not in the “paid” area, but what they call the “natural” or “organic” results. 

I’ve got a little too much on my plate and have been very neglectful of the Dr. Bill Doherty website.  I finally did some research on the phrases people use to find CE training and made some changes.  Fast forward two weeks and we’ve had three sales!  (We have no other marketing plan other than an ad coming out in a publication.)  Tonight I reviewed our web traffic and realize we’ve had a number of queries related to CE trainings!  This compares to ZERO SEARCHES before.

Now I feel a little silly for having “SEO ninja powers” and not using them earlier to do what I did in an afternoon!

But this “SEO power” relates to a bigger issue that you, a private therapist, faces.  SEO experts work for large companies and make tons of money.  At the low end they make $50/hour, and at the high end, well… a local SEO firm in the Twin Cities has projects that START at $18,000.  If you do the math you’ll quickly realize there are not enough clients in your area to recoup those costs.  So even that $50/hour person would need to spend a lot of time on your site.  And they’re not webmasters, so they are likely going to tell your webmaster, who at the low end would be $50/hour, what changes to make.  All the sudden you’re getting $100/hour advice that has no guarentee of working.  And your SEO consultant is not likely a therapist.

I offer a ‘brain dump” of everything about SEO on CD’s at www.thomasconsultation.com if you’re interested.  In the meantime, you may want to check out this fabulous book.  Read it here or there, and learn a ton!  It’s the “For Dummies” series that I really enjoy.  Search Engine Optimization For Dummies (For Dummies (Computer/Tech)) is the Amazon link.


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