"Helping people who help people"

To clarify more from my last post, it’s often easiest to pay to be listed on another persons website.   We have done this for The First Dance, until I got the search engine optimization so high that I not only rank higher than expensive websites, but those websites are wedding focused and did not yield me good traffic (at an insane $125/month… 6 month contract, ouch!)

My new couples counselor husband just landed his second call from a large, expensive therapy website.  He has done the math and with 4 client hours it pays for the years worth of fees.  The frugal wife and web marketer in me realizes he’s dead on with his logic but still says, “but you get ALL your other clients FREE FROM GOOGLE SEARCHES!”  But it’s never good to rest everything in one bucket (showing up high on Google) so he’s right that it’s good to have other listings, especially since he has had two clients in 6 months see him.

Paying for website listings is good not just from getting new calls but it helps your own website.  Google and others use the Professional Journal theory that your words must be validated by your peers.  So, links from similar-websites means they are “blessing” you.  Obviously it’s best if you can write for free on other websites in your area of expertise, but paid links will do!

A really “sexy” way to get a link is to be a blog sponsor.  This is very common and can do you very well if the blog is focused on your area.  Every blog entry is it’s own page, so by being on a blog it means you will show up on every page of the blog!  Off the top of my head, I’m not sure how many therapy type blogs are out there that would yield enough local traffic.  But, with some creativity you never know!  If some local parent website has a blog, that might be a great place to sponsor your therapy listing.  Or if there is some entrepreneurial local blogger in your area who talks about a wide variety of subjects, you may be able to be a “blog sponsor” there to get all those local visitors attention.

I will talk more about this idea over and over in different ways.  Signing off for now!  – Elizabeth


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