"Helping people who help people"

As I stumbled upon the phrase, “psychotherapy private practice”, knowing it generates decent Google traffic, I nab the name.  Someone has the “dot com” version but I like WordPress blogs anyway and the name is so important!

But lest you think simply having a great domain name is the golden ticket, without relationships (ie Links) on other websites, Google does not care who you think you are or what you have to say.  In fact one of the biggest MYTHS out there is “submitting your website to search engines.”  With extremely limited exception, you do not TELL the monsterous Google machine (really hundreds of computers) that you exist.  They figure if nobody else online knows you exist, then they don’t really care.

So, if you really are an expert then Google says to you, “prove it!”  Prove it by showing up on other websites, particularly websites related to who you say you are.  So for therapists, this could be anything from paying for therapy directories, being on speciality websites if you are, say, an alcoholism therapy expert, or being mentioned in an online magazine or newspaper article that gets good traffic.  (Your local community ed paper online may or may not be on Google’s radar screen for “important links.”)

What I have done in my very early stages is to put this blog on my website “header”, to twitter about it (Google apparently loves Twitter), and put it in three places on the Marriage Friendly Therapists website.  Two of those places are hidden to the public but will be available to current members.

I then have to chose if I want to use this blog as my “main” website, in which case I will go find the few people who link to my website and ask them to update their links to THIS BLOG.  That will give this blog the blessing I’m looking for so Google starts to believe I’m of importance and maybe even display me on the first page with the phrase, “psychotherapy private practice.”

Only time will tell!


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