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Ready, Go, SET!

One problem being a website addict is that I swirl a tornado of ideas in my head and can’t just SIT for long.  It’s worse when I have sat for a while (could be just a few days) and then find the A-HA! thing I was missing.  That could be a name, a way to implement the idea, seeing something similar to my idea and being inspired.

This blog is my lastest ready, go, set.  I’m ready to enter my new venture but not SET yet.  So much to do before I can launch.  But here I am, blogging anyway!  Yesterday I was reading an article in the Psychotherapy Networker which referenced a website that will “grade” your website.  I am always dubious of websites that will supposedly tell you all these things about your website.   (Only your host, where your website actually sits, really knows some items like your true website traffic.)   

I am happy to say the site gave me a huge confidence boost by telling me that one of my websites is “better” than 91% of all the websites it has analyzed!  And that according to a third party source, I’m in the TOP 3PERCENT of all websites!  (Ego bust is that I know some of those websites have more traffic in 10 MINUTES then I get in a month.)

I am presenting a website traffic workshop at Smart Marriages in July (in Orlando) so pressure is ON to have something by then!


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