"Helping people who help people"

Welcome!  You can learn more about me in the ABOUT page and BRAND YOURSELF! page.  I’m one passionate, unique , therapy-minded GenXer here to storm the therapy world and get each of you more EMPOWERED, EDUCATED, and ENTHUSIASTIC about what the web can do for you.

Have you been reading or hearing the buzz words in the therapy magazines and websites?  Do you get a solicitation every week to join a therapy directory?

  • “Search engine optimization!”
  • “Twitter!”
  • “Blogging!”
  • “How to create a website!”
  • “How to market your website!”

The good news is therapists (like you!) realize the web is where it’s at. 

The bad news is well-meaning people are trying to sell expensive advice that is sometimes downright WRONG!  (More often it’s misleading or is only half the picture or is only priced for fat wallet therapists.)

My mission is simple.  Connect therapists on the internet to people seeking their help

My vision is simple.  Therapists are educated, enthused and empowered to translate their expertise to the online world.


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