"Helping people who help people"

If you know how much you can spend on a wedding dress, follow these rules:

  • tell your sales person that you can not go a penny over and do not want to see any dress above that rate
  • if you aren’t sure of the wedding dress shop, call and find out their wedding dress options in YOUR price point. maybe call ones you know are high end to get a sense of how many dresses in your price point they would even carry
  • do not shop at stores where you’ve got free range to look at all dresses in all price points (or rather, do not look but let your sales person or wedding party pick out dresses in your price point)
  • find designers who sell dresses at your price point, then go to their websites and find the retailers that sell their dresses.
  • do not try on a high priced dress out of curiosity. It can sometimes really mess with our minds to see a high end item and all the sudden see our “favorite” in a new, less attractive light
  • do confirm if you have any restrictions from your religious institution
  • talk with your fiance on whether he has any strong feelings about general style (great example is whether the two of you agree on whether brides should have clevage or not!)
  • once you commit to a dress do NOT TRY ON ANY MORE WEDDING DRESSES. There is no faster way to lose money than to have to sell a dress because you bought a second one.

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