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Fun Money Quiz

This is a completely unscientifc quiz not about your wedding but your relationship! Whether you’re living together or not, you know your fiance well. Let’s see how you do. Each of you should answer these questions independently then see how well your answers match! You may not have had all the conversations about the questions below, but this is a great time to play a game and learn. Sometimes the questions are more interesting than the answers and can send you off into other conversations…hopefully not arguments!

I phrased these questions in a unique way to get you to get into your partners head rather than talk about your own views. I also designed this so if your fiance has NO time or interest in taking the test, you can still do YOUR side and see if they agree with you. šŸ™‚ Just copy and paste this into an email, or book mark this site and talk out loud with each other answering the questions.

1. My fiance expects a conversation if one of us wants to spend more than _____ dollars (ex: $50, $100, $200, $500, $1,000…. etc) or put another way, my fiance would be super shocked and upset if I spent $_____ without talking with him/her first.

2. One thing my fiance would love for me to not spend money on but knows it’s probably a lost cause is _____ (ex: expensive make up or lotions, computer games, high end clothing, upgrading electronics often, etc)

3. My fiance would say my parents have the following beliefs about money _______ (what they value, how they spend/save, etc)

4. My fiance was __________(ex: happy, surprised, upset, annoyed) to learn of my financial situation the first time we had a frank conversation about how much we made, our debt, our savings.

5. My fiance feels ____________ (great, ok, stressed, frustrated) about how our wedding is being paid for.


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