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Best Mints

I just got a sample box of Old Schoolhouse Candy Factory. Before I wax poetic, let me say I’m a mint obsessed crazy lady. I have ruined most purses because I love Junior Mints at movies, never finish the box, and well… yeah. Junior Mint goop is not easy to clean.

My favorite flavor is mint. I even have a “life rule” that if I ever run across a new mint in a store, I can buy it. I’m otherwise frugal in life – always looking for deals, having to justify splurges, but MINT is that important to me. It makes me that happy.

So on Twitter, a very nice business started following me, and that lead to this amazing box sent to me. How can I even begin to describe them? They’re Old School, which means you don’t have some bland chocolate over medicore, should-be-gooey-but-is-hardish mint core. Or it’s not a solid chocolate mint. It’s not a hard candy mint, either. It’s completely unique and unbelievably amazing. It’s got a soft but stable outside, with a gooey but not liquid core. It’s just the right texture. I had one an hour ago and I have what everyone who chews mint gum craves – that very slight mint taste in your mouth that lasts hours. From JUST ONE!!! I just had another and it’s as good as the first… and now I have to hold back eating the whole box. 🙂

So if you are looking for a distinctive mint favor, something your guests will likely never have experienced, something that even ONE MINT is plenty… well, you should really get a sample box of this mint! I now have my Christmas and Birthday wish list… forget the Junior Mints!


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