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Wedding Trends for 2009

Here is a short list of expected trends for 2009 from The Wedding Report which says the average wedding will be between $21,000-$25,000. The wedding budgets for 2009 have dropped and here is where the “drop” will be seen:

  • Smaller weddings with fewer guests
  • Destination weddings or destination type weddings closer to home
  • Accent colors on dresses and cakes with the most popular being greens and blues
  • Increased reliance on family and friends to help plan, pay, and provide some of the services
  • Increased use of green and echo friendly products and services
  • Simplified decorations, centerpieces and wedding invitations
  • Increased use of on-line RSVP’s vs. traditional mail-in RSVPs
  • Off-peak weddings; Mornings, Afternoons, Fridays, Sundays, October becomes the new June
  • Buffet meals, Hors d’oeuvre, and cocktail receptions
  • Cheesecakes, cupcakes and miniature cakes
  • All-inclusive packages

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