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Just wrote up a new article on wedding budgets. It’s a work in progress, trying to figure out the best way to mock up what I did for my wedding… I was able to calculate my “definite”, “Maybe”, and “unsure” invitation list and see exactly how much my budget would be when food budget changed as well as invite costs changed (having to buy in groups of 25.) Then you have to add if you have 8 person tables, every 8 new people represents not just 8 more meals, but a NEW table, new centerpiece, more wedding favors, more chair rentals, and may impact where you need to have your reception (or, too few people in too large creates a bad atmosphere… too empty.)

My ideal bridal budget for you would also include REGIONAL averages instead of national. The bridal budget worksheet would also include ranges so you could get a super rough idea playing with your priorities. For example, you can print your own invitations for maybe 50 cents, or buy super high end ones for $5 each. In my metro area, you can get a dinner for $15/person, for a lower end rate, or you could spend $50/person (or more) in a hotel setting. Photography can be bare bones for 2-3 hours, or can be an all day package. When I do this bridal budget worksheet, I’d let people add in their own rates and share with me what your regional numbers are so I could make bridal budget worksheets by region!

Bridal budget worksheets are very hard to find online in part because prices vary so widely based on a region. My idea of “ranges” by category also creates SO many possibilities it may be hard for math sufferers, or non-techie brides who get confused with all the options… (like high end invites, but low end food, etc.)

I’ll get there some day! If you have any help for that project, send’em along. www.thefirstdance.com/contact-us.php


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