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Wedding Vendor Quotes

Wedding Vendor Quotes

Wedding vendors and couples are in a fascinating co-dependent relationship. Without wedding vendors you don’t have a wedding but without engaged couples, wedding vendors can’t exist. Engaged couples are trying to maximize their savings while wedding vendors are trying to maximize their profit. Couples may or may not shop around, but wedding vendors know what people in their industry are charging and the games wedding vendors play. How do you know if your wedding vendor is trying to rip you off or is too good of a deal?
The number one complaint of wedding vendors is when engaged couples first ask, “how much do you cost?” They sometimes feel like you would feel if instead of being asked, “What do you do for a living?” you were asked, “how much do you make?” The notion that money is more important than their skills, background, or that they could even give you a fast number without knowing the details (when, where, how many people, what exactly you want from them.)
What To Know Before Getting Wedding Vendor Quotes

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