"Helping people who help people"

I hadn’t seen much of this movie other than a reference to it somewhere. It talked about the family dysfunction of wedding planning so of course I had to see it!

Unfortunately the camera work was purposefully very jittery, almost like a home made movie. This made me able to watch 30 minutes of the movie before I realized the plot was not very interesting and the nausea from motion sickness required immediate attention. So I tried to close my eyes and lasted another 10 minutes but even the flickering of the screen was too much.

I went home, disappointed in what seemed to be a movie that was trying VERY hard to be “sophisticated” and artistic but was perhaps neither. I love high brow movies and I love fart movies like Waynes World so it wasn’t that I thought this movie wasn’t a normal Hollywood Chic Lit flic.

The saddest part other than the extreme sickness was that I don’t even really care how the movie ended. It didn’t seem, in the first 40 minutes, to pull you in emotionally to really care how it all went.

Ah well. I would not see this movie if others like it (Blair Witch Project, and Borne Identity) made you ill from the camera work. If you expect a lot of action and humor, this is not your flick.


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