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Politics and your marriage

This election season has brought a whole new group of engaged and newly married couples into the wild world of their political opinions and the opinions, and actions, of their in-laws. Ah, the fun!

We have two wedding principles that apply well to politics. The first is, “when there is conflict, blood talks to blood.” If your (future) in-law sends you crazy emails about the politican you are voting for, the best tactic is to make your fiance/spouse deal with them.

However, another wedding principle may also come into play: “your parents and inlaws are like the weather. Focus on the decisions to be made, not on their attitudes or feelings.”

In other words, you have no control over anyone but yourself. You can try to control what comes into your INBOX, via your partner telling their parents (in person or by phone, please, not by email). Your fiance can even tell his parents that you will be ignoring all emails until after the election. If you must. But at some point, is it REALLY worth creating world war three in the family over who gets voted the next President of the United States??? Really? I didn’t think so.

If you are really luck your in-laws are as in love with your candidate as you are and it can help bond your relationship!

Good luck! 🙂


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