"Helping people who help people"

As we remember 7 years ago when our nation was forever changed, anyone who was getting married just after, or attending a wedding, or lost a friend or loved one, will never forget the added burden of not knowing how to respond or what to do.

It really challenged everyone as to the purpose of a wedding. Is it to celebrate your marriage with your family and friends? And if they can’t travel, should you go ahead anyway because you put money down on the day and you don’t want to reschedule? Is it morbid and wrong to celebrate with a wedding when people have died? Perhaps wedding party members, siblings, friends, parents died and your wedding was close to the date.

Everyone had to make their own decisions. Some couples postponed, some went on and used the wedding as a way to honor those we lost on that awful day.

It is always important to keep in mind what your goal of your wedding is and whether your decisions throughout honor your values. There are often no “right” and “wrong” answers.


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