"Helping people who help people"

Premarital Counseling

One of the unexpected joys of what we’re building at The First Dance is the best listing of premarital counselinrs in the nation. It is hard to find premarital counselor listings in the wedding industry because ad rates are so expensive, premarital counselors can’t afford to market themselves!

I didn’t know where to go so I asked my dad when I got engaged. My husband and I took what is now an online, very affordable test, The Couple Checkup. It gives you some interesting comparisons of your background, values, strengths and areas of growth opportunity (not weaknesses!)

The way I see it nothing bad comes of premarital counseling and a lot of good can come of it! Some premarital counselors have their agenda set from years of experience working with couples. Some others are open to conversation and giving you resources and having conversations based on what you are interested in working on. We exist because generally premarital counseling doesn’t talk about the wedding or family drama – consider our book, Take Back Your Wedding: Managing the People Stress of Wedding Planning another form of premarital counseling! My dad has had many engaged couples thank him for some of his marriage books. He has a unique, freshing, down to earth way of sharing wisdom.


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