"Helping people who help people"

Welcome Singapore couples!

My father, Bill Doherty, was just in Singapore for a variety of talks on marriage, parenting, and yes, WEDDINGS! He learned a lot and we’ve shared our book with a lot of Singapore couples and educators. I’m excited to learn the unique cultural issues Singapore couples face and try to incorporate that into The First Dance.

My website keeps changing almost daily as I try to fit ALL the information still in my head onto the website. I want to organize it in ways that make sense and ensure the advice isn’t lost. No other wedding website is trying to accomplish our mission so I don’t have another template to see – they’re mostly ads or organized by the logistics; jewerly, dress, cake, photography, etc.

I enjoyed writing one of my latest pieces on whether to INVITE CHILDREN to the wedding or not and what to do if you’re in the beginning, middle or end of wedding planning and this issue is rearing its ugly head. I also wrote a few snarky Top Ten Ways to Increase Wedding Stress, on my homepage.

Again, welcome new Singapore couples! I welcome your emailed questions – blog at thefirstdance.com


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