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Wondering how to make wedding planning more stressful? There is plenty (including on our wedding relationships website) on how to REDUCE the stress but there isn’t a lot on how to INCREASE it! Send this snarky blog to your friends in wedding land.

Here is a short sampling of ways you can ensure more wedding stress, fights, and strained relationships throughout your wedding planning adventures.

#10 – Make all major wedding planning decisions without consulting anyone – not your spouse-to-be, not your parents, or anyone else involved, until AFTER you’ve signed the papers and made the deposits

#9 – When you ask your spouse-to-be to do a particular wedding related task, be sure not to clarify what the task is supposed to accomplish, don’t give a timeline, don’t give an explaination of why the task and timeline is important…make sure they’re left in the dark to ensure maximum fight potential

#8 – Assume everyone knows what is on your mind and why you are doing what you’re doing. It’s best to keep people in the dark to ensure maximum wedding stress

#7 – Pick your wedding party really quickly, without any thought to their personality, to their life phase right now, or to their financial and job situation. It’s also a great idea to not ask what your in-laws expect out of family being in the wedding party to maximum full family drama and stress

#6 – If a loved one disagrees with you, complain loudly that this is YOUR day and then complain loudly and frequently to everyone who will listen. It’s best to give maximum mental and emotional energy to every tiny disagreement, even if it really doesn’t matter to you if the other person wants something more than you

#5 – Be sure to hold back all your stress until you finally go on a date night with your spouse-to-be. Wait til the dinner is served and then rip into your family, your future-inlaws, and make the entire date turn into a huge wedding stress vent

#4 – Make sure you don’t talk with your spouse-to-be before meeting with vendors to clarify what your values, wants and needs are so you get pulled into their sales pitch and agree to the most expensive package they offer. Who needs a wedding budget??

#3 – Use “I” statements with difficult people. They’ll love being called a brat, impossible, insensitive, or rude, as long as you say “I feel you are a brat”

#2 – Be sure, brides, to encourage your fiance to share his wedding opinions but then be sure to shut him down or complain about how incompetent he is, or how much he’s procrastinating, or how he just “doesn’t understand weddings”

#1 – Make sure this wedding is ALL ABOUT YOU, even if it means creating family cut-offs, screaming at your in-laws, ruining your relationship with your spouse-to-be, or threatening your parents or in-laws that they will never get to see their future grandchildren


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