"Helping people who help people"

I’m starting the arduous task of building advertising on our website so we can continue to build our wedding relationship website. I am an internet bride and I know what I like and don’t like. I am thrilled to be finding very unique businesses that get hidden away in “special category” pages in some random city or state page. The reality is advertising is prohibitively expensive for many in the wedding industry. This is really bad news for you, trying to have as many wedding planning choices at your disposal. One tiny ad on theknot.com can be $120-$150 per month. And that gives you one little listing in one little category in one city of one state. As a knottie I know many of us do not visit those vendor listings! But they bill themselves as 3 million visitors a month (nevermind only 2.1 million weddings happen a YEAR).

But the reality is there are more options than you realize. It’s a question of where to find these unique people or websites or products? Like us – we were boosted by winning a Modern Bride Magazine Trendsetter award, and getting some great publicity, but ultimately where do we break from being “yet another wedding directory website.”

Well, I’m proud to say we’re the only purely wedding relationship website out there. I’m proud that our advice is the only one that comes from a deep understanding of couples and families and the ugly reality of “family life.” All the communication skills in the world won’t help with crazy Uncle Bob. You can’t tell him he’s crazy and therefor not invited to the wedding. He doesn’t think he’s crazy, he’ll go to his sibling (your mom or dad), and grandparents, and create world war 3 in your family. So what do you do? There are options – we help you sort through that sort of thing on our website and in our wedding relationship book. Visit our website often – there is so, so much more to share.

Most advice out there is the same old, same old. It just doesn’t come from a grounded reality, from a sense that your wedding is the beginning of your *marriage*, and in MARRIAGE, life is yucky, your relationship isn’t just a private affair, and sometimes it’s better to let things go than create more drama in the name of “this is my day, my way!”

There is a lot of passion out there of people wanting to offer their talents, products, or services to engaged couples. And the wedding industry is set up in such a way that it’s nearly impossible for start-ups to get in the door. (Especially of web-based, national small businesses.) That leaves us with the same old, same old vendors in the same websites, same magazines and same print directories. Those vendors are probably awesome – but at some point there is only 52 weekends a year and only so many weddings you can book. The “free listings” for wedding vendors is a bit of a rouse – those want to get the traffic going so they can sell expensive ads around the free ads. This of course leads to a cluttery mess and information overload.

Nobody is trying to screw over anyone. It’s just the nature of it. When aunts and uncles and moms and dads stopped having the backyard wedding, with homemade wedding cake, near potluck quality food, flowers from the garden and simple wedding invitations – things got more fun, more expensive and more intense! Too bad there are a lot of losers in the equation.


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