"Helping people who help people"

Bad wedding advice…

Just wanted to say I knew advice was bad, having been a knottie through my wedding planning. But I recently ran into someone who, a few years ago, when theknot.com gave personalized answers to wedding problems, was hired, as a 22 year old, never married, no experience at all dealing with weddings, to answer the questions. Yes, she would basically repeat over and over to brides, “it’s your day, do what you want.”


You deserve better treatment. And that answer rarely actually helps people and more often hurts them because it reinforces a very wrong notion – a notion that you are able to invite about 175 of your closet friends and family, have the day exclusively about you, but then hope they enjoy themselves and are happy for you…. which means THEY have to be happy which means YOU have to think about THEM. 🙂 I was listening to a wedding podcast cracking up at the wedding coordinators going on and on with their pet peeves being in the industry. They are at the whim of “your day, your way” even if they know your idea is awful, disgusting (chocolate fountains where sick guests double dip), or is not very hospitable to guests (not feeding or hydrating them properly.)

So as our name goes, getting to The First Dance takes a lot of juggling of values, people, relationships, wallets, and details!


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