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What would YOU do if you could have a glamorous, high profile White House Wedding? It shows the power of Jenna Bush and what a wedding means to her to chose to not be married there. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/24253691/

When she and her fiancé, Henry Hager, started to make plans for their May 10 wedding, the option of the glamorous White House wedding was available to them. And, perhaps to the surprise of many, they rejected it in favor of a private ceremony with a guest list of just 200.
“I guess it maybe says we’re crazy,” Jenna said with a laugh as she explained the decision. “I wanted to be at home, and I wanted it to feel natural and I wanted it to be a private thing. It’s the one day of my life — it happens once — that I want to have a private time with Henry and my family. Plus, I’m not that glamorous. I’m more an outdoor type.”

It makes me think about the wedding magazines I have laying around the house. My husband will take one while he’s in the bathroom and admits even he gets sucked into those glamorous ads for wedding locations. You fantasize about what your wedding would be like and then you have to stop yourself. What if you are absolutely NOT a glamorous person and it all makes you nervous? What if your family is very down-to-earth and would feel really uncomfortable in a swank place? Or what if you have an upper crust family and want to get married in a less glamorous place?

Ultimately many of us get a surprise when the “perfect wedding” myth hits home. Our families don’t like champagne, or they don’t own a tux or can’t afford one for a black tie event, or they’re afraid to drive in a big city, or they won’t travel if it’s not in their city. Heck, the fact that everyone doesn’t stand and salut to every demand or wish we have is surprising enough! Isn’t this OUR DAY? The day to be a princess?

It is funny, this notion of being a princess for a day. If you know about Princess Diana’s wedding which arguably changed the wedding culture in the early 80’s, she had almost no control or choice! Tradition and legacy dictated every aspect to her big day. So what happened that we now think we deserve to be “all about us”? That’s for another post! 🙂


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