"Helping people who help people"

Ode to wedding coordinators!

We are members of the oldest, largest wedding planning association in the nation (though they have coordinators across the planet). It’s called the Association of Bridal Consultants and there are over 4,000 members.

We are excited about networking with more of them and sharing our wisdom so they can help you, the engaged couple. There are many reasons to hire a wedding coordinator.

Wedding coordinators:
KNOW VENDORS. They know vendors more than even the average bride who might like them. The wedding coordinators know who is reliable, who is reasonable in price and what you can expect. They may also know which vendors work well TOGETHER – an overlooked but very important part of the wedding day!

Wedding Coordinators know the flow. Since almost nobody has planned such a large event, or ever will again, many weddings lack a good flow. This often results in discomfort for the guests and a feeling of confusion in the wedding. How many of you have tried to figure out when they’re cutting the cake so you don’t miss it but you REALLY HAVE TO USE THE RESTROOM? Or don’t know where to go after the ceremony – wait around, leave right away? And when you show up at the reception, what do you do – find a table, wait? Flow is crucial to hospitality.

The devil is in the details. Wedding coordinators are experts at this! They can also tell you which details are not as important as you might think.

“What do others do?” While we don’t think everyone should be doing the comparison game it is very useful to know what is normal and what isn’t.

A bride should not “work” on her wedding day. The day of is full of amazing details, tons of work, a lot of coordination and the last thing you should have to do is MANAGE ALL THAT!

Unlike popular myth, wedding coordinators are not always expensive and are often going to save you more money than their fees. I also think they can save more sanity than any “money saved” is worth!

Two cheers for wedding coordinators! And another thing – they can be hired for an hourly consultation to go over your flow, they can be hired for the planning part or even just for the day!


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