"Helping people who help people"

I am so busy behind the scenes preparing for even more relevant articles and a “top Q&A” section where I’ll take the most common issues and share the common answers you find in wedding books, wedding magazines, and wedding websites. Then we will share The First Dance perspective.

The beauty of our perspective is that we speak in what one couple called, “uncommonly common sense.” Once you hear what we have to say it makes complete sense! And once you learn the patterns, you become your OWN expert. We aren’t claiming to know everything and solve everything – that’s your job. We are here, however, to help ground you in what is going on at the 100 foot level and help you see where you might want to change course.

I have to say creating The First Dance program and book has been fascinating. I can not look at any wedding related stress question the same. Our principles are just so grounded in how the world works and how problems arise. Our message is one of prevention, perspective and pattern changing when things have gone awry. I often want to shout at people who answer questions without seeing the REAL problem.

A quick example – “My friend is getting married a year after me and we both fell in love with the same dress. She just bought it and told me that I have to find a new one. I really want the dress and am getting married before her. How do I deal with this situation?”

Typical responses involve trying to find a similar dress in a different style, trying to convince her that you won’t have the same guests so it’s OK to be in the same dress, and of course no matter what you say, be careful how you communicate with her.

The First Dance response: The friends demand is the problem here, not the dress. It’s called overstepping boundaries and that is where you have to communicate with her. The dress isn’t the issue. The fact that she made a demand of you on something that she has no real control over is the troubling part of this. Watch http://www.TheFirstDance.com for the rest of our perspective on this situation — coming soon.


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